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在红翼HS十一月退伍军人节活动。 8



Patriot BrassCeremony at 红翼 High School will focus on the repatriation of Corporal Gudmund Christopher Johnson, Jr., who had been missing since the Korean War


70余年前,gudmund克里斯托弗( “索尼”)约翰逊,JR。离开家乡红翼在美国争取军队。今年11月,他终于将回家在ST积家将安息。约翰的墓地。

In 1950, during the Korean War, Johnson was captured by Chinese forces. Sadly, he died in a prison camp和 though his remains were returned to the United States under "Operation Glory" at the end of the Korean conflict, they were not identified until August 2019. Only through family DNA samples was the mystery solved.

上周五,11月8日(上午9:30),红翼中学,海华沙谷家庭的早晨 - 超越了黄丝带,红翼美国退伍军人协会岗位#54,和365bet体育东南将共同赞助退伍军人节纪念在红翼高中尊重所有的退伍军人,特别是下士gudmund约翰逊,JR。 

Everyone is welcome to attend, 和 all service members, veterans和 their families are invited to sit in a reserved section of seats on the floor of the Sonju Gymnasium. 


Lance Garrick 和 veterans上士(美国陆军退役)枪加里克,海华沙谷家族的总裁 - 超越了黄丝带,和Renee加里克将会对CPL的遣返介绍。 gudmund约翰逊,JR。

"This will be a very special opportunity for our local community to welcome home one of its own from the Korean War," said Lance Garrick. "We will pay tribute to the sacrifice of Gudmund Johnson, Jr. 和 honor his remaining family at the third annual Veteran's Day Commemoration."

红翼 High School B和, a cappella choral ensemble Ovation和 365bet体育东南 Patriot Brass will provide live music for the special event. 

Veterans, service members, families和 caregivers are invited to stay for a Social Hour after the Veterans Day Commemoration. Marine Corps Vietnam Combat Veteran Lieutenant Colonel Richard Johnson will "saber cut" a cake  和 coffee will be served.

The funeral service for Cpl. Johnson will be held at 11 a.m., SATurday, November 9 at the Mahn Family Funeral 365bet in 红翼 with visitation one hour prior to the service. Burial will be at St. John's Cemetery with full military honors. The funeral is open to veterans 和 their families.



Open House 2019






"Let us open the doors for your future! We want all students and their families to feel welcome to stop by the campus 和 learn more about the college," said 塔米vondrasek,入学和注册主任. "Learn about programs starting in Spring 2020 or plan ahead to start in Fall semester next year."

"In recognition of  November as National Veterans and Military Families 周一th, we will have a focus on higher education benefits available to veterans, service members和 their families," noted Greg Cady, Commander, US Navy, who  is a Sociology 和 Criminal Justice instructor at MSC Southeast.


热狗和小吃将送达和游客可以进入的乐趣门奖图纸。学院将免除任何人谁与学生服务人员满足并适用于在活动入场$ 20申请费。

"We are excited to invite everyone to MSC Southeast for a fun 和 informative event," said Tammy Vondrasek. "We hope you see you at one of our November Open Houses!"







Medical Career Training365bet体育东南的 继续教育 department is now offering several new options which can jump start a health care career in a matter of weeks! Registration is open now for four new programs, which start in February 2020.

If you are eager to get to work, these short-term, non-credit programs may be the perfect way for you to begin a career in health care as quickly as possible. Classes are intensive, with lecture and hands-on components和 are available at both our 红翼 和 薇诺娜 campuses.

  • 临床医疗助理程序 (140小时,开始2020年2月18日) 红翼 | 薇诺娜 
    The 临床医疗助理程序 will prepare you to launch an exciting, challenging, and rewarding career in healthcare! Learn how to assist physicians by performing functions related to the clinical responsibilities of a medical office. Instruction includes preparing patients for examination 和 treatment, routine laboratory procedures, diagnostic testing, technical aspects of phlebotomy和 the cardiac life cycle. This program meets the necessary requirements to take the National Healthcareer Association (NHA) Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) national examination. (140 Contact Hours plus 160 hour Clinical Externship)
  • 心电图技师计划 (50小时,开始2020年2月24日) 红翼 | 薇诺娜
    The 心电图技师计划 prepares students to function as EKG Technicians and to take the ASPT -- Electrocardiograph (EKG) Technician exam and other national certification exams. Learn the anatomy and physiology of the heart, medical disease processes, medical terminology, medical ethics, legal aspects of patient contact, electrocardiography, and stress testing. You will practice with EKG equipment and perform hands-on labs, including function 和 proper use of the EKG machine, the normal anatomy of the chest wall for proper lead placement, 12-lead placement和 other clinical practices. 
  • 静脉内(IV)治疗方案 (50小时,开始2020年2月18日) 红翼 | 薇诺娜 
    In the 静脉内(IV)治疗方案, students will receive instruction on performing IV therapy with a focus on anatomy and physiology, asepsis, equipment and supplies, review of drug calculations, pharmacology as it relates to IV therapy和 the practice of starting and running an IV. This course is appropriate for Phlebotomist, RNs, LPNs and other caregivers looking to enhance 和 or refresh their IV Therapy skills. (There is no clinical externship or national certification objective included with this program.)
  • 药房技术方案  (50小时,开始2020年2月25日) 红翼 | 薇诺娜 
    The 药房技术方案 will prepare you to work as a pharmacy technician in a retail or other pharmacy setting and to take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board's PTCB exam. Learn pharmacy medical terminology, pharmacy calculations and measurements, reading and interpreting prescriptions, defining drugs by generic and brand names, and more. Through classroom lecture and hands-on labs, students will review dosage calculations, drug classifications, the "top 200 drugs," the handling of sterile products, dispensing of prescriptions, inventory control和 billing 和 reimbursement.

有关这些程序和登记的更多信息,请访问 www.ejackjones.com/training 或致电651-385-6320。




2019 Students申请费将全部免除一个月

October is College Knowledge 周一th和 in honor of the occasion, students applying to 365bet体育东南 can skip the $20 application fee when they apply any time during the month.

“秋天是一个伟大的时间来探索你的大学选择!如果你准备在2020年开始的大学,现在是递交申请的时间,因为你的免费应用程序一个月内节省$ 20的费用,说:”塔米vondrasek ,入学和注册的MSC东南主任。 “我们鼓励您来学校,或者访问我们的网站: www.southeastmn.edu 了解更多有关MSC东南“。

申请入学365bet体育东南,去 www.ejackjones.com/apply 并在线填写申请表格。免费的应用程序一个月内,整个明尼苏达州的系统很多高校都放弃了标准的费用申请。更多关于明尼苏达州的系统,请访问: www.minnstate.edu/collegeknowledge.



  • 我们典型的类有一个15:1的师生比例为
  • 在3年的时间,我们招收的学生来自美国48个州和31个国家 
  • 学费为居民和非居民是一样的
  • 我们的文科和理科教师100%具有硕士以上学历
  • 最重要的是 - 我们的职业和技术计划平均95%的就业安置!



Minnesota State College Southeast is a two-year technical and community college that prepares students for a lifetime of learning by providing education for employment, skill enhancement, retraining和 transfer, to meet the needs of students and the community. The 薇诺娜 campus opened in 1949, merging with the 红翼 campus in 1992 and updating its name to Minnesota State College Southeast in 2016 with the change of mission to offer both technical training 和 the associate of arts degree. 365bet体育东南 is a member of Minnesota State. For more information, visit www.southeastmn.edu.




Over the summer, the 365bet体育东南 community was delighted to welcome Chad Dull as the new Vice President of 学者. He began his new job on August 20, 2019和 we caught up with him in early September to get his perspective on his new position at MSC Southeast. 

Chad Dull - 2019



When I first visited the college, I found that there's a real feeling among the people at Southeast of "all h和s on deck, all in it for the students." It's great to be here!


I'm a huge believer in community and technical colleges. I think they're the best game in town for the people who need the biggest difference made. In communities the size of 薇诺娜 and 红翼 和 the surrounding towns, you have opportunities for partnership. The college is deeply embedded in those communities or it should be, so you start to work with industries in town, with non-profits. And that work has a collective impact on your communities.

我们样的大学的另一件事是,学生往往是本地和留在本地,有一些明显的例外 - 乐器维修的学生可能会回到他们是哪里的。我想的是能够改变你生活的你的朋友和邻居的地方是整个想法真的很强大。


I'm interested in access, support和 innovation. I think the academic leader is supposed to be facilitating 和 supporting the idea of "what's next" -- what's next in how we meet the educational needs of our community? At the same time, you're really teacher in chief. How do we make sure that what we are doing is excellent? How do we make sure we have the resources to allow our faculty to excel?

There's a false barrier among the departments in higher education between what 学者 does, what Student Services does, even what Finance and Operations does. You can't be separated that way in this day 和 age. I'm grateful that my office is located within the 学生服务 department (at least on the 薇诺娜 campus) so it's embedded in that culture of service, because you just have to work together. And because we're small enough, not only is it likely, it's almost required.


As a college, we're the last great vehicle for social mobility. That's what our students come to us for. They might come to us to learn a particular trade or skill, but for the most part, they're really here to change their circumstances in life. 

There are things that a college has to do to make sure that we're credible, 和 solid和 meet the needs of the folks that are holding us accountable, including our students. So whenever I'm working on things that don't sound like a ton of fun -- like accreditation, quality checks, scheduling, curriculum -- my focus is always on how we are helping these people we care so much about change their reality. And I find meaning that way; it's important work. 

寻找乍得沉闷的博客文章上 LinkedIn 和播客上 的SoundCloud 并按照包括hashtag #mscsoutheastcares上 Facebook的推特.




Vega and B和 Instrument Repair Partnership你有一个单簧管在你的衣柜里收集灰尘?在地下室已经失去光泽小号?吱吱萨克斯存储在你的阁楼?

A new partnership between the Band Instrument Repair (BIR) program at MSC Southeast and Vega Productions, a non-profit based in the Twin Cities, can transform those ab和oned instruments into something wonderful for an aspiring young musician. 

Vega collects musical instruments from people who don't need them anymore 和 provides them to school programs whose families can't afford to buy or rent instruments. But many of the donated instruments need to be repaired before they can find new homes.

"We have a climate controlled storage unit full of instruments that are in need of attention before they can go out to schools for students to use. The supply exceeds our ability to get them repaired," said Vega Executive Director Caitlin Marlotte. 

“在红翼乐队仪器维修程序有这么好的口碑 - 每当我就说说需要修复仪,人们会认为我与学校接触和合作伙伴,”她继续说。

"As part of their training, our students completely overhaul several instruments. We have a constant need for instruments that need repair," explained BIR instructor John Maddox. "Meanwhile, Vega has a constant supply of instruments that need work!"

Packing instruments into carIn 2018-2019, BIR students repaired instruments provided by Vega. In August, Caitlin Marlotte came to campus to receive 95 clarinets, cornets, trumpets 和 saxophones, now in perfect working condition. They are ready to be distributed to schools through VEGA's flagship program, Instruments in the Cloud (www.instrumentsinthecloud.org)。

"Vega is really doing a really great thing in that they're finding the places where these instruments will be best utilized, with schools that have the greatest need," said John Maddox. 

He believes this work is not only valuable to the schools 和 aspiring musicians who will receive the instruments --- it's valuable to the college student as well. 

"We talk about this partnership with our students, how what they're repairing will have a real, tangible effect on a young student who might be making music for the first time," he said. 

"One of the beauties of repair in general和 how we as repairers fit into the cycle of music making, is that we get to be a part of that journey with a musician to help them express themselves." 

凯特琳marlotte很高兴能有机会与乐队仪器程序协同工作。 “具有365bet体育东南合作确实加快了,我们可以对音乐教育的影响,”她说。 

关于维加的仪器捐赠计划的更多信息,请访问: www.instrumentsinthecloud.org

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照片下面: max和凯特琳收拾两辆车所有的仪器!




大江的吉他秀 LogoRed Wing may be world famous for Red Wing Shoes 和 红翼 Pottery -- but the town is also known around the world for 365bet体育东南的 吉他维修和建设 Program. That's why the campus will be such a great venue for the 大江的吉他秀 今年九月!

录取:在门口$ 15

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"红翼 has long been the destination for weekend getaways due to the charm of the historic downtown and Mississippi River," he said. "When the 大江的吉他秀 comes to town, there will be another attraction for the public to enjoy -- two days of exhibits and concerts showcasing the very best stringed instruments. There will be hand crafted acoustic and electric guitars, basses, amplifiers, banjos, m和olins和 ukuleles, from over 30 makers!"

Tim Reede Venitian archtop guitar


  • See extraordinary hand made guitars 和 hear them played in showcase concerts by some of the Upper Midwest's top talent, including Jerry Kosak, Mark Kreitzer和 迈克·克拉默
  • 电影放映:“声起义”由Drew辊和由约翰·怀特黑德“不要麻烦你心目中”
  • 为玩家开声音乐果酱会议和研讨会
  • 独特的历史性弦乐器的展览
  • 由达达里奥提供的摸彩
  • 和很多很多!

此外,当然,你可以参观学院的 吉他维修和建设 方案实验室和看到我们的学生开始他们的旅程成为天才的制琴师自己。


还有将在星期六晚上谢尔登剧院专场音乐会,9月7日: 在演唱会的吉他大师,具有三个世界级演奏家 - 帕特·多诺休,蒂姆·斯帕克斯和迪恩·马格劳。门票本次演唱会是在单独出售 www.sheldontheatre.org。上周日下午,根/灵魂乐歌手 安妮麦克 和她的乐队将于下午5-7在港口的酒吧从红翼收出放映一场免费音乐会,就在河对岸。

上面的照片: This h和-built archtop guitar by Tim Reede is just one example of the kind of instruments that will be on display at the 大江的吉他秀 in September.

有关大江吉他秀的更多信息,请访问: greatriverguitarshow.com.

隆重开业 - 在威诺纳先进制造业的数控实验室


隆重开业 - 在东南威诺纳MSC先进制造业的数控实验室

Ribbon CuttingOn 周一day, August 12, the college cut the ribbon to officially open the Advanced 制造业 CNC Lab in 薇诺娜 -- sparkling clean facilities showcasing newly-installed, state-of-the art equipment. The lab is ready to welcome students as Fall semester 2019 begins.

薇诺娜面积厂家,企业,组织和个人都走到一起,支持通过先进的生产基础设施倡议学院。商界领袖杰里papenfuss签署了象征性的支票$ 582,000,表示迄今提出的装备和翻新技术实验室空间中的资金。

“学生需要在同一类,他们将使用在现实世界制造业职位装备训练,说:”贸易和技术特拉维斯书尔,院长。 “我们有全新的自动化数控车床,数控铣床,手工工艺,包括先进的数字读数,而3D打印功能 - 更不用说设施本身内的全面整顿的基础设施。”


Donation Check"Today's industry requires a more highly skilled workforce that is able to troubleshoot, design, develop和 operate this type of equipment," Travis continued. 





迁移路径 Logo

With the launch of 3 new 迁移路径 at 365bet体育东南, the journey to completing a four-year degree in English, Political Science, or Sociology has become easier and less expensive for students in 薇诺娜 和 红翼. 

"These Transfer Pathway degrees will help students build the foundation of a liberal arts education that involves critical thinking, promotes lifelong learning和 will serve them well in any profession," said Jo Poncelet, Dean of 学者 at 365bet体育东南. 


“学生通过MSC开始东南节省时间和金钱,”院长蓬斯莱说。 “我们的课程更小,更个人,学费的成本较低,并且可提供灵活的网上和校园的课程。”

英语传递途径    政治学传输路径    社会学转移途径

  • 英语传递途径
    The 英语传递途径 degree includes core courses in both writing 和 literature as well as several English electives. Students also have the option of simultaneously completing the Creative Writing Certificate while pursuing the English Pathway.
  • 政治学传输路径
  • 社会学转移途径
    Sociology is the scientific study of human social relationships, societies, 和 institutions. In the 社会学转移途径, students consider a wide range of human issues, including poverty, family dynamics和 the impact of social media.

Students who complete a 迁移路径 program and are admitted to a Minnesota State university are guaranteed junior status and all 60 associate degree credits will count toward the related bachelor's degree. Students must meet special admission requirements for the major and are not guaranteed admission into the major itself. The seven universities of Minnesota State are Bemidji State University; Metropolitan State University; Minnesota State University, Mankato; Minnesota State University Moorhead; Southwest Minnesota State University; St. Cloud State University; 和 薇诺娜 State University

MSC东南现在总共提供了九种不同的迁移路径度。有关详细信息,请参阅我们的 迁移路径 页。 





汽车车身碰撞技术 Student雇主在我们的区域是 要求熟练,受过良好教育的员工,在一些高需求行业, 包括制造业,医疗保健,交通事业。以满足 这种不断增长的需求,明尼苏达州议会拨款分配 对于最初获得数百奖学金的100万$试点方案 整个明尼苏达州在2018 - 2019年学年。

该计划是如此的成功 这个春天,明尼苏达州议会和州长瓦尔兹批准的 这增加拨款 $ 7万 以劳动力发展 奖学金计划。资金可用于支持学生的院校 和明尼苏达州的大学谁追求的是准备程序 毕业生在高需求领域的职业生涯。  

迄今为止,365bet体育东南 授予学生16个奖学金2018-19和八个附加 奖学金19-20。现在 18个 $ 2500个奖学金将提供 明尼苏达州的学生谁也开始在大学 MSC东南今年秋天!  现在申请这个竞争激烈的奖学金项目。申请截止日期为8月5日,和奖学金将于2019年8月9日公布。



未来的学生必须 网上申请入学 与下列生涯规划的地区之一跌倒2019开始东南硕士学位。那么他们必须填写并 提交申请表 奖学金。 

  • 申请者必须登记或在MSCS已申请入读。
  • 申请人必须是明尼苏达州的居民。
  • 申请人必须证明他/她的资格通过的指示提交填写完整的申请奖学金。
  • 当前学生可以申请;必须具有良好的信誉与学院。
  • 学生必须被登记了至少每学期9个学分。 
  • 学生必须保持一个累积2.0 GPA。
  • 偏爱的学生表现出的经济需要
  • Primary preference will be awarded to new students, high-school seniors or recently graduated individuals, though the awards are open to all applicants.










美国国家科学基金会奖$ 441952赠款,365bet体育东南发展先进制造业的教育枢纽



Prototype engineering student



"This is an incredible opportunity for 365bet体育东南 to make an impact in our region," said Larry Lundblad, Interim President of MSC Southeast. "Hundreds of high school students will benefit from increased access to high technology education."



“该中心模型将帮助我们让学生动手曝光和大学学分之前,他们甚至从高中毕业,”威利指出lubahn,制造业教练和招聘人员在FASTENAL制造业薇诺娜。 “我们需要一个新的一代,在机器人技术,数学和计算机水平高技能的工人。这将有助于创建一个从高中到工业管道。”

包括瓦巴肖,LA新月,rushford,喀里多尼亚,薇诺娜甚至到威斯康星 - - 迄今为止,MSC东南曾与薇诺娜校园的车程范围内近十余所高中合作,提供在10 - 12年级的学生有机会到完成样机工程13学分证书,学生高中毕业文凭的同时赚取。 

In order to ensure that students who live beyond commuting distance to 薇诺娜 have the same opportunities, MSC Southeast worked with high schools in Cannon Falls 和 Chatfield, MN, to develop the National Science Foundation grant, which will build out technical hubs in their communities.

"Cannon Falls is so excited to be a part of such an amazing endeavor. It has been my dream for years to bring this opportunity to our students!" said Superintendent Beth Giese.


  • MSC Southeast will facilitate collegiate education, credits和 laboratory capabilities so that more students can participate in advanced manufacturing 和 STEM curriculum.
  • 研究的四个模块将发展:设计基础,CAD-CAM,机械加工和数控编程。
  • 所有合作伙伴高中教师将有机会获得专业敬业的开发,培训和交流机会。
  • The college will coordinate training for technical educators throughout southeastern Minnesota 和 western Wisconsin, including opportunities to connect with area industry.
  • 威诺纳州立大学和东南MSC将合作伙伴建立转让协议,使学生可以在MSC赚取的应用科学学位副东南,然后在华盛顿州立大学转移到直接相关的项目为高校大三学生。

"A smooth pathway like this allows students to set a long-term vision while gaining world class credentials along the way," said Travis 周四l. "After high school, students can choose to enter the workforce, continue their educations, or split the difference 和 work while going to college."

When the National Science Foundation grant is complete, the intent will be to ensure that every high school student in southeastern Minnesota has access to a high technology career path.

“早期开始,学生将节省获得更高的教育资金,并增加了进入高需求的职业生涯,”特拉维斯说书尔。 “我们学院的愿景是成为最好的,丰富的生活和社区。这仅仅是一个开端,我们将继续建立先进技术的最强大的校园中的状态。”



与2019365bet体育东南杰出校友授予三名在校导师 - 红翼奖

Three Alumni Awards

红翼奖项于5月15日在红翼举行开工仪式 - 三位导师在365bet体育世界著名的乐器维修和建设方案东南部用杰出校友荣幸。

“在多年的乐器的修复程序数百名学生已经毕业,但今晚我们在这里纪念这三个毕业生杰出校友奖 - 三,其成就和专业知识导致他们回到365bet体育东南教官”在提交奖项临时总裁拉里lundblad说。

The college made awards to 格雷格·贝克威思 (Class of 1992, Band Instrument Repair), 布赖恩boedigheimer (Class of 1994, 吉他维修和建设)和 史蒂夫rossow (Class of 2001, Guitar Repair & Building 和 2002, Violin Repair)。

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  • 乐队仪器维修程序教练 格雷格·贝克威思 500 Internal Server Error-365bet体育

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  • 在1994年,吉他导师计划 布赖恩boedigheimer received his Guitar Repair & Building diploma from 365bet体育东南. After graduating, he provided repair services in area music stores 和 built guitars with the Benedict Guitar Company. He started teaching electric guitar building at MSC Southeast on an adjunct basis in the year 2000. In 2003, Brian attended the Wood Finishing Technology Program at Dakota County Technical College, which led to his becoming an expert instructor in in specialized guitar finishing techniques. In 2005, Brian returned to Southeast as a full time instructor.

  • 史蒂夫rossow earned diplomas from the Guitar Repair & Building in 2001 and Violin Repair in 2002. After graduation, he apprenticed with John Waddle in Saint Paul, under whom he studied violin making and restoration. He also set up his own shop, building, restoring和 repairing fine violins and building guitars and mandolins. Returning to MSC Southeast as a full-time instructor in 2010, Steve developed coursework for incorporating CNC work into guitar making and taught advanced acoustic guitar construction and computer-aided drafting. In the past year, Steve has transitioned to a role as the lead instructor in Violin Repair 和 is designing a new curriculum for Violin Making.

照片的上方,左起: 临时总统拉里lundblad颁奖给格雷格·贝克威思,布赖恩boedigheimer和史蒂夫rossow。


丹尼尔matejka接受杰出校友 - 威诺纳奖


丹尼尔matejka365bet体育东南荣誉与2019杰出校友 - 威诺纳奖

Daniel Matejka自1984年从美国365bet体育东南的会计程序毕业,丹尼尔matejka拥有先进的在他的职业生涯中发挥领导作用的三正半山的城市管理者,已成为大学的重要支持者。

On 星期二sday, May 14, 2019, he was honored with the "Outstanding Alumni of the Year - Winona" award at the MSC Southeast graduation ceremony in 薇诺娜. The award recognizes outstanding personal and professional achievement 和 service to others.

1984年从东南毕业后,丹开始了他的职业生涯中占薇诺娜区公立学校区。那么在1999年,他成为洛杉矶新月业务经理 - hokah学区。  

2006年,丹接受三正半山城市管理者的位置。 “他是一个非凡的领导者为城市的三正半山,并建立与他的工作人员,每个人都与他的作品在任何一天很大的关系,” casie约翰逊在提名丹matejka说该奖项。 “他是尊重和仰慕为所有社区的领导者。” 


Dan and his wife, Natalie, support the 365bet体育东南 Foundation with their time and talents 和 as generous donors. They are members of the Foundation's Legacy Circle, which is a group of donors who have included the college in their future estate plans.

除了他的服务学院,丹是在更广泛的社区薇诺娜非常活跃。他目前的项目精细的董事会主席,他曾担任的薇诺娜志愿服务中,维诺纳州立大学的战士俱乐部和三正半山三位一体路德教会的董事会。他是活跃的篮球和棒球官员从1986 - 1999年执教薇诺娜VFW棒球队。

“代表整个大学社区的,我很高兴地祝贺丹matejka用于接收2019杰出校友 - 薇诺娜奖”之称的MSC东南临时总裁拉里lundblad。 “这是当之无愧的荣誉。”




Class of 2019 - hatCeremonies were held on May 14 in 薇诺娜 and on May 15 in 红翼. In addition, nursing 和 guitar students celebrated the end of the year with their own special events. 





入选2019 PTK全明尼苏达州的学术团队3名MSCS学生


入选2019 PTK全明尼苏达州的学术队三名MSC东南学生 

PTK All State 2019


This spring, three 365bet体育东南 Students -- one from 薇诺娜, one from 红翼, and one online -- were named to the All-Minnesota Academic Team by Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), the honors society for two-year colleges. Their achievements were recognized at a banquet in April celebrating their college accomplishments 和 service to the community. Congratulations to Abigail Backman, Sophia Kiesow和 Adam Spearman!

“艾比,亚当和苏菲例证所有东南学生的优秀品质,他们闪耀在各个方面:学术,服务,和领导说,” PTK顾问让·埃格伯特,在大学数学讲师。 “我们很自豪地庆祝这一认识他们,知道他们会带给他们非凡的技能,在生活中他们的下一个阶段。”

薇诺娜:阿比盖尔贝克曼 (above, left), a second year Radiography student, graduated in May 2019. During her three years at MSC Southeast she has been involved in various clubs and committees including Student Senate, the Diversity Committee, the Radiography Advisory Committee, Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)和 Radiography Club. She has also served as the president for both the Radiography Club and PTK Beta Rho Mu. Abigail began taking general classes at MSC Southeast for health care 和 quickly found herself drawn to 造影. After graduation from Southeast, she plans to transfer to 薇诺娜 State University to earn her bachelor's degree in 卫生保健 Leadership, all while working full time as a radiographic technologist.

红翼:索菲亚kiesow (above, center) is a non-traditional student returning to college after a hiatus of 12 years, seeking to become a registered nurse. She will be starting a core nursing program in the fall of 2019 and intends to finish this educational endeavor with a Bachelor of Science in 看护. She has been named to the President's List each semester, has maintained a 4.0 GPA, and is an active member of Phi Theta Kappa. Without the support of her husband, Barry, she claims she would not have been able to do so well academically. She is the mother of five children: Dan, 13; Owen, 12; Jacob, 11; Madison, 9; 和 Eli, 8. When not studying, she enjoys cooking, vegetable gardening和 volunteering as a medical staff member at the local Care Clinic in 红翼.

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The mission of Phi Theta Kappa is to recognize academic achievement of college students and to provide opportunities for them to grow as scholars and leaders. Membership in Phi Theta Kappa is by invitation only to eligible students; requirements include a 3.5 minimum GPA and at least 12 credits at the college. Minnesota's state academic team is a division of the Academic All-American Team for community, technical and junior college students, an international program sponsored annually by PTK, USA Today 和 the American Association of Community Colleges.



Students in college dining room


The 薇诺娜 campus of 365bet体育东南 is seeking vendors to provide food 和 beverage options during the months of August through May.






365bet体育东南 reserves the right to cancel this solicitation if it is considered to be in the best interest of the College. This is not a guarantee of work 和 does not obligate Southeast to award any contracts. Southeast reserves the right to discontinue the use or cancel all or any part of the request if it is determined to be in best interest. All expenses incurred in responding to this notice are solely the responsibility of the responder.




What is Mechatronics? It's a new word to many. "This technology is the cutting-edge discipline of building, troubleshooting和 maintaining the industry of tomorrow," according to Travis 周四l, 365bet体育东南 Dean of Trade 和 Technology.&


Marc Kalis“越来越多,体力劳动是由机器人技术和控制它们的微型计算机更换。工作需要谁能够与运行生产线的电脑工作的人,解释说:”电子教练马克·卡利斯。 “技术不断向前发展 - 你一定要保持它,或者尝试,如果你想在你的职业生涯成长到能走在前面。”


PLC Stoplight Controls“PLC的控制一切从传送带到机器人手臂,”马克继续,指出了一个模型路口PLC旁边。 “交通灯控制器,这样可以监控汽车,确定当灯光应该改变,并适应不断变化的条件,交通部门一直在寻找技术人员的技能,安装和维护。”

特拉维斯书尔指出,机电一体化技术方案正在启动,是高校的大先进制造基础设施计划的一部分。 “在今年夏天,机电一体化设备将受益于这个$ 600,000的投资基金,允许对与国家的最先进的机器人,自动化和机电系统经验的手中。”

The new laboratories will house modern and uniform automation suites, hydraulic and pneumatic training platforms, robotic computer numerical control (CNC) systems, br和 new precision machining tools和 rapid prototyping capabilities, including additive manufacturing/3D printing.

"Our facilities will be ready to welcome the first cohort of Mechatronics majors in August!" said Travis 周四l. "Prospective students with an interest electro-mechanical systems 和 engineering technologies should apply now for admission to the program."



Student Guitar Show features guitars, m和olins & more built by college students






Caleb Holst

Dust is flying, the smell of lacquer is in the air和 excitement is building as the 吉他维修和建设 students of 365bet体育东南 are completing work on their brand new musical instruments. At the Student Guitar Show on May 15, 2019, their beautiful new guitars will be on display in the guitar labs and played in concert by professional musicians. The event is free 和 the public is invited to attend. 

  • 在第一年的吉他维修和建设方案,你会发现在工程平顶吉他。所有一年级学生都必须建立一个平顶吉他。几个选择建立电吉他为好。 
  • In the second year Guitar Development and Production program, students are building a variety of more complex instruments, including archtop guitars, mandolins和 electric guitars. Second year students explore more challenging options in finishing 和 inlay work.

在学生吉他秀,三屡获殊荣的吉他手 - 菲尔·海伍德, 迈克·克拉默克里斯银 -- will play the new acoustic instruments, giving students the thrill of hearing their instruments played on stage by expert professional musicians. 

Eric OurenFirst year student Eric Ouren, from Kasota, MN, said has dreamed about coming to 红翼 for a long time -- about ten or fifteen years. "I always wanted to get better at building musical instruments. There's a lot I still don't know, but I would say I'm learning how to be more precise," he said modestly. His small-bodied acoustic guitar is built from fine tone woods, including East Indian rosewood 和 Sitka spruce.

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以上: 迦勒霍尔斯特使用手电钻放置位置标记上,他正在建设的吉他的脖子。
下面: 埃里克ouren检查与直边指板的角度。

沥青和原型 - 一个薇诺娜合作


沥青和原型 - 威诺纳学生启动



Students from MSCS, WSU和 St. Mary's


The Winona Student Start Up launched on March 5, when the students divided into three teams, which were student-led 和 mentored by faculty from 薇诺娜 State University, MSC Southeast和 Saint Mary's.

But it wasn't a battle between the schools. Instead, the teams combined MSC Southeast's Prototype Engineering and CNC/Machine Tool students with Saint Mary's business and marketing majors, leveraging the talents 和 skills the students are learning in college. 


The teams were given one month to work on their co-creations. On 周五day, April 5, they met up at Miller Ingenuity's Creation Station to pitch their ideas to local industry representatives. 

Team Snap SolesNew products begin with a problem that needs solving. Team Snap Shoes, Team Fin Flick和 Team LAZ Cup took turns defining problems 和 pitching their imaginative solutions.

  • How about too many shoes cluttering your closet? Team Snap Shoes conceived of a shoe with replaceable soles. One shoe + a variety of soles for different purposes = a solution for closet clutter 和 the expense of buying different shoes. (Pictured: Isaac Al-Abad of Team Snap Shoes)
  • If you've ever been snorkeling or scuba diving, you know how hard it is to walk wearing flippers. Team Fin-Flick designed a flipper with an adjustable dial that rotates the front of the flipper up 和 off the ground, allowing for a more natural gait.
  • 最后,谁没有溅出的咖啡一个高大的水瓶或杯子在他们的汽车,因为杯架都不够深?团队LAZ杯想出了一个解决方案:适合进入杯架并确保更高饮料杯适配器。 

"It's wonderful to see our students put their prototyping and CNC skills into a practical application," Travis 周四l, Dean of Trade and Technology at MSC Southeast, said. "This project is a perfect opportunity for them to see how these competencies are used in a business 和 manufacturing setting." 

Christine Beech was also pleased about the collaboration. "We are excited to see cross disciplinary students coming together in a spirit of entrepreneurship 和 problem solving," she said.

在薇诺娜学生开始了由成为可能 卡巴拉学院创业研究 在圣玛丽大学,米勒别出心裁,车库cowork空间,威诺纳州立大学和365bet体育东南。






FIRST Robotics Competition上周末,MSC东南参与了在拉克罗斯,威斯康星州(周五,4月5日,周六,4月6日)的拉克罗斯中心FIRST机器人区域竞争。本次活动从高中跨区域拉到一起的机器人队,包括在明尼苏达州,威斯康星州,爱荷华州,伊利诺伊州,及以后的学校。 




红翼校园 | 308先锋路|红翼,MN 55066 | 651-385-6300
薇诺娜校园 | 1250本垒打路|薇诺娜,MN 55987 | 507-453-2700

365bet体育东南 is an affirmative action/equal opportunity educator and employer. ADA accessible. MSC Southeast is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination in employment and education opportunity. No person shall be discriminated against in the terms and conditions of employment, personnel practices, or access to 和 participation in, programs, services和 activities with regard to race, sex, color, creed, religion, age, national origin, disability, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, or sexual orientation. In addition, discrimination in employment base on membership or activity in a local commission as defined by law is prohibited.


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